Second Grade

At Central Elementary we use the math program Everyday Math. This is a spiraling program- that means that all of the concepts are taught and re-taught so if your child doesn't quite get it the first time, that's ok... we're going to hit it again! To help your child focus on our math, we'll be using a Math Focus Wall with vocabulary words and posters with math information they can refer to!  Please see our Math Workshop page for more information on how I teach math in our classroom!

Below you will find the units and content for the program as well as a few of the extra projects that we do in each unit for fun and extra practice!

Unit 1

Numbers and Routines

We will review of concepts from first grade and establish routines for second grade math.

Unit 2

Addition and Subraction Facts

We will start getting our additon and subtractions facts memorized and learn some fun tricks to do it!

Unit 3

Place value, time, and money

We will read fun books about money and use money stickers to create problems.

Unit 4

Addition and Subtraction

We'll start adding and subtracting bigger numbers! It's so exciting!

Unit 5

2D and 3D Shapes

We will learn the names of many shapes and make a star out of paper triangles... our star will have all sorts of shapes inside of it!

Unit 6

Whole Number Operations

More adding and subtracting and then we'll start multiplying and dividing! Be ready to make lots of tasty arrays and an array of arrays to hang in our hallway!

Unit 7

Patterns and Rules

We'll be doubling and halving lots of numbers as well as looking at data to find the median, mode, and range.

Unit 8


This is my favorite unit to teach! We will make marshmallow fractions, paper boxes, fraction kites, and fraction creatures... and that's just a few of the fun ways we will learn about fractions! 

Unit 9


Be ready to use all kinds of tools to measure... rules, yard sticks, meter sticks, cups, spoons... we'll measure all sorts of things! 

 Unit 10

Place Value and Decimals

We'll review money and place value. We will even do some math with parantheses!!! I know you'll love figuring out the parantheses puzzles!

Unit 11

Whole Number Operations

This unit focuses on putting together everything we've learned about addition and subtraction to help us with multiplication and division problems. Be ready for lots of hands-on activities! 

Unit 12


This is a fun unit where you get to see how much you grew as a mathematician in 2nd grade!

Math Homework Info for Students

You will have math homework every single night, Monday through Thursday. It will either be a HomeLink page so you can practice what we did in class or a math worksheet. It must be completed and returned the next day! Click here to go to the homework page to see what your assignment is! You can also play math games to practice the skills we've learned in class. Click here to go to the student page where you can find math games for your grade level in the "M" section!



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