Thursday Book Bags

In our class, you will get a chance to take home a "Thursday Book Bag" every week. "Book Bags" must be returned on the following Tuesday so that I have time to check them in before you make your choice on Thursday.

Food, Scooby Doo, Jokes, and Fall Book Bags 

 Silly Stories, Bugs, and Pooh Book Bags

"Thursday Book Bags" are tote bags that have books and activities that share a common theme, and are for you to share with your family. You might choose to take home a "Book Bag" with joke books, math books, monster books, girly books, USA books, or one of the other choices!

 Camouflage, Animals, and Animal Poetry Book Bags I Spy, Colors, and MonsterBook Bags


Each book bag contains 3-5 books on a topic and at least one activity. If you choose to take home the Little Critter Book Bag, you'll get to read a letter from Little Critter! The Dinosaur Book Bag has puzzles and dinosaur flash cards. In the Camouflage Book Bag, you'll get to read about animal camouflage and do an activity to find out how camouflage helps animals! Want to know more about the Book Bags...? You'll just have to choose one you're interested in on your week and find out what kind of fun reading and activities are inside!

Outer Space, Girly, and Dinosaur Book Bags   Mexico, U.S.A., and Froggy Book Bags

The Book Bags also have a journal in them. The journal is there for you to share your thoughts and ideas about the items in the bags. Because this is not a homework assignment, there is nothing specific you have to write in the journal. Mom or dad can write with you about all of the fun you had with the Book Bag over the weekend. I know your family will love sharing your Book Bag with you!! It will give you a chance to read and play together!

Weather, Amazing Plants, and Little Critter Book Bags   Math, Good Night, and Sports Book Bags


Each Book Bag has a list inside of what comes in the bag. The list also gives more directions and instructions on what you are to do with the journal. The list of items is there to help you remember to bring everything back to school on Tuesday. If you don't bring the bag back with everything inside, you will not be allowed to take another Book Bag unless the items are found and returned. Before your child will be allowed to take home a "Book Bag" you will have to sign a "Book Bag" contract with them. These will come home in the first month of school.

Below is the chart we will use to keep track of who has checked out each bag. On Thursday when you choose a bag, you will stick a card with your name on it in the spot for that bag. The name cards will be removed on Tuesday when you return your bag!

Teachers- you can download some of my files here!


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