The 100 Club

This year you have the opportunity to be in our classroom 100 Club!  All you have to do is read 100 books outside of regular reading time in school!  This means during your free choice or at home.  You can borrow books from our classroom library (as long as you check them out with Mrs. Bainbridge first!).  You can read your own personal books or books from our school library or public library.In May, we'll have a celebration for all of the students who have reached the bronze, silver, or gold levels.

Please note that this is optional!  You should be doing 20 minutes of assigned reading each night anyway, so that will be a great way to build up your reading log!  I hope to have many GOLD members in our 100 Club in May!  Now... go for the gold!

Teachers- you can check out my 100 Club resource on TpT!  It has everything you need to start... parent letter, book lists (which are editable!), awards, and display options!



Christina Bainbridge 

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