Math Focus Wall  

To help my students focus on our math skills for each unit, I use a math focus wall to display general  math information (odd/even, number words, money value, addition and subtraction key words) and unit vocabulary words. I also display our problem of the week here. The problem of the week is a question that comes from Brain Blasters Math Practice, Grade 2 and 3! I display the card and students take a problem of the week sheet and answer it. On Friday, we work through the problem together and anyone with a correct answer receives tickets they can put into our prize box drawing.

Students use the math focus wall on a daily basis. Whether they are using the number line, looking at how to spell a number word, consulting the value of a coin, or checking a vocabulary word, this has been a fabulous tool to organize math ideas!

*Teachers- you can download my math focus wall files on this page!*



Christina Bainbridge 

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