Math Workstaions

Welcome to our Math Workstations!

Math Workstation time is a time that allows students to work on math learning of their choice while I instruct grade level groups.

When my students make their Daily Five choices each day, they also check to see what their math workstation tub assignment is.

The tubs are numbered and students work with a partner to do the activities inside.  We also have 2 Nooks they can use to do math games and we have three student computers with many wonderful math games they may be assigned to play as well.

Each tub contains games and activities related to our current unit of study.  The green and purple tubs are for 1st graders and the blue and pink are for 2nd graders.  The tubs will have 3-5 different activities inside that all help practice the same skill.  This allows students choice, freedom, and responsibility in their learning.

Here's a peek into my closet (which is only this organized in the summer time!) so you can see how I organize the things that will eventually be inside easch tub:

So, I teach one grade level while the other is engaged in their math workstation tubs.  I spent a lot of time researching and reading Debbie Diller's Math Workstation book before I attempted this.  It's a great resource!

Teachers- you can check out my blog here to see how I got organized when I switched to this approach!

Using a workshop approach to math has made using a math program in a multi-grade classroom wonderful!  I am able to assist students with their independent work, teach each grade level according to my program, and all students get some choice, freedom, and responsibility in their own learning!

We love it!


Christina Bainbridge 

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