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Your website was judged to be outstanding in design and an excellent resource for your students and their parents. Your website contained excellent resources for content and learning aides.
Once again, congratulations on your achievements!
Larry C. Ingram, ME
Woodland Park High School
Colorado, USA
Larry's Links: Educational Resources


 It is my pleasure to present you with the "Heavenly Site" award! Not only is your website dedicated to your students and parents, you are also reaching educators everywhere. Your students are very blessed to have a teacher like you. Congratulations!

Jessica Yolanda Winston



 Hi Christina! You've created a wonderful, fun and informative website for your students, parents and even other teachers.  The hard work you've put into it has been worth it.  I'm sure your incoming students will love being a part of the classroom website, too.  Good luck and keep up the great work!  Here's my A+ award for an excellent classroom site!

The Mills Family Homepage


 I am pleased to present you with a Gold Star Award for your amazing classroom website! What a wonderful resource for your students, parents, and teachers alike! Keep up the great work! I especially love the work that you did with your Thursday Book Bags! They look great! :o)

Kirsten Van Dyke

 Thank you, Mike, and kids-online.net for the award!    

Your site definitely qualifies for the "Bee"utiful Site Award of Excellence.  Your site navigates easily and is designed to be original and creative.  Thanks for making the web a better place. It is evident that you put a great deal of hard work into your web space. You provide a wonderful resource for your students, parents and fellow educators. 
Best Regards,  Mrs. Barth


 Congratulations on receiving my A+ Website Award!! Your website is greaat!!! Your parents and students are really lucky to have a teacher like you to put in so much time and hard work into creating such a wonderful class website. Keep up the good work. You are a great inspiration!
Warm Regards,
Ms. Melendez


Hi Christina,
What a pleasure it has been to visit your website! We would be honored to award your class with our A+ Website award. It is evident you have spent many hours creating a website that welcomes students, parents, and other teachere like myself. Many blessings as you begin the 2008-22009 school year!


 It is my pleasure to award you with our "Bee-Lightful" Website Award! Your site is very creative and informative for your students, parents, and fellow teachers! I love how your theme is integrated throughout your site! I really enjoyed my visit and will visit again often. Have a wonderful year in 08/09!

Sincerely,  Nancy Zider

Hi Christina,
I loved your site!  I hope you enjoy the award.
Have a Great Day,


Howdy! Your classroom website is definitely a  cool site and I am so proud to offer you my Cool Site Award! I  appreciate all the wonderful teacher resources you have on your site. I especially love looking through your "files" section and have gotten many great teaching ideas from you. I  am going to try some of your Morning Meeting Greeting ideas this year. You also have great links for your students and their parents. They are very lucky to have you as a teacher. Keep up the good work and thank you for having such a cool website!

Sincerely,  Mrs. Haney

I came across your site today and saw all the wonderful files that you have for teachers!!!!!! I really wanted to thank you so much, because they are all so useful to everyone! I think your site is amazing, and I noticed that you had a page of awards. I'd be honored if you'd accept my award for an Outstanding Classroom Website? It's just too good not to win, even if you didn't apply, lol! Thanks again. Have a wonderful year!!!

Jennifer Gold


Hi Christina,

Congratulations on  receiving our ROARING Good website award.  Both your old and your new website show a true dedication to your students, parents and other educators.  You should definitely be commended for your hard work!  Have a wonderful summer and thanks, again, for sharing your time and talents!

Dianne Mohler, RI

Thank you for applying for my award. I have enjoyed visiting your very interactive and informative website. Your students and parents are very lucky to have such a wonderful site to guide them through the school year. I am very proud to present you with my award, The Superb Site Award.

Brandy Carter
2nd Grade
Lafayette, LA



Christina Bainbridge 

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