My Teaching Philosophy & Beliefs

 *I believe that all students can and want to learn.  It is my responsibility to appropriately challenge my students and foster their natural desire to learn.
*I believe that poverty and life situations will not impact learning in my classroom.  It is my responsibility to bring exciting experiences into the classroom and level the playing field for all of my students and their unique situations.
*I believe in building relationships with my students.  Your child will know that I care about them and their interests!
*I believe that all students have talents, interests, and abilities unique only to them.  It is my job to get to know my students as people and use their talents, interests, and abilities to provide them with an education that is appropriate for them as an individual. 
*I believe that families are an integral part in learning success.  We are a team, working together to achieve a common goal- success for your child! 
*I believe in continuing my education and professional development so that I can use current best practices in education to support learning in my classroom. 
*I believe in doing what is best for kids... even when it means making hard choices!  Know that I will work hard for your child so that they grow as a learner and a person while they are a member of my classroom!


Christina Bainbridge 

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