Poetry Notebooks

In our classroom, we use poetry notebooks as a fun way to develop our reading fluency!  Each student needs a composition book to glue their poems into- I've tried spiral notebooks, but we use them so often that the pages in the spiral notebooks begin to fall out!

We add three to four poems a month to our notebooks- not necessarily one a week, though!

I write the poems on chart paper and we read them chorally for a few days and student volunteers take turns reading them to the class.  I have a huge collection of fun pointers they can use and it is a huge motivator for students to read to the class!

Because I run several different spelling lists in my room, students glue their poems into their notebooks on Friday while other students are taking their spelling tests.  After students add their poem, they color it or illustrate it and then read their poems to themselves to practice their fluency.

When we get a free few minutes during the week, students pair up and read their poems to one another.  Then I usually ask, "Who has a partner who read '_____' fluently?" and students will nominate their partners and the student I select will read the poem to the class as we all follow along in our notebooks.

My students love using their poetry notebooks!  It is a fun and authentic way to develop fluency!

Click here to download the cover that we glue onto the outside of our composition books!

Here are some of the books I use for my poems:



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