First and Second Grade Social Studies


We will learn about our world and our community through activities all the time in 2nd grade! Here are a few of the BIG social studies ideas and units we will be learning about this year along with a few of the activities we will participate in to build our understandings! You can also view the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations to see an overview of what your child will be learning!  

Because so much of what we will study in social studies will overlap grade levels, social studies will be taught in units that encompass all of the learning with small group work and independent work occuring so that specific grade level knowledge can be taught to each group.  Each grade level will be assessed on their own standards and content expectations.

First and Second graders:

Living and Working Together in Communities

Use historical thinking to understand the past.

First grade will focus on their family history while second graders will focus on community history.

First and Second graders:

The World in Spatial Terms

Use geographic representations to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective.

First graders will learn basic map skills.  Second graders will review map skills and learn and understand our place on a map by creating a "Me on the Map" book.

  First and Second graders:

Purposes of Government

Explain why people create governments

Values and Principles of American Democracy

Understand values and principles of American constitutional democracy

  We will talk about our government and how to be a good citizen.

Second graders:

Structure and Functions of Government

Describe the structure of government in the United States and how it functions to serve citizens.

  First and Second graders:

Market Economy

Use fundamental principles and concepts of economics to understand economic activity in a market economy.

I know you will enjoy learning about economics! We'll get to make a vocabulary book and participate in some simulations to see how ecomomic ideas work.

First and Second graders:

Roles of the Citizen in American Democracy

Explain important rights and how, when, and where American citizens demonstrate their responsibilities by participating in government

We will talk about rights and responsibilities.

  Second graders:

Identifying and Analyzing Public Issues

Clearly state a problem as a public policy issue, analyze various perspectives, and generate and evaluate possible alternative resolutions.

We will particpate in a "village council" meeting in our classroom to solve a community problem so that you can take a stand and see our government in action!

  First and Second graders:

Citizen Involvement

Act constructively to further the public good.

Our school and classroom will participate in activities to help our community. In the past we have worked as a school to fill a food bank, collect donations for an animal shelter, and raise money for local causes. Our classroom has raised money for The Relay For Life for the past three years.

You can help others and be a good citizen on your own too! What ideas can you come up with to help others?



Christina Bainbridge 

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