Our Spelling Words 

We will have spelling words each week this year... with a few exceptions!

Check these lists below to see what your words are.  Please be sure to check the title of your list... otherwise you might be practicing the wrong words!

Words for the month of May 2012

1st grade list
2nd grade list
*** list (Star list)
Week of 5-7     We are all on Unit 6, Week 2
Week of 5-14    Unit 6-3
Week of 5-21     Unit 6-4
Week of 5-28     Unit 6-5 & last list of the year!

Please visit Spelling City to find your child's word list.

You must complete one "Speller's Choice" activity each night for homework! 

Want to practice your words on Spelling City?

Click the banner below to go to SpellingCity.com. Check the Unit and Week number at the top of this page so you get the correct list! Want to use this as a Speller's Choice activity? Just have mom or dad write it down on your homework sheet!

Spelling tests made easy


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