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Did you get a grant for your Thursday Book Bags?
No.  I had all of the books that are in the bags.  I bought the bags at Wal-Mart and purchased the activities in the bags at the Dollar Store or the dollar spot at Target.

But don't you worry that kids won't return the Thursday Book Bags or the items in them?
I have been doing these bags since 2007.  In that time, one bag has not been returned, one book has been ruined and promptly paid for by the family, and two activities have been broken or lost pieces.  Because each family signs a contract for the bags, they are aware that items need to be replaced or paid for before their child will be able to take another bag home.  And, really, if a child without a large home library keeps a book or two... me paying $10 to replace them is a small price to put books in that child's hands!

Soooooo... will you share your files for the bags?
Yes!  You can download some of my activities and the iron-on transfers on my Files page in the "T" section for "Thurdsay Book Bags"!

Where did you get the stick-on jewels for your clip chart?
I got them in the scrapbooking department at Hobby Lobby.  I know Jo-Ann Fabric sells them and I'm sure Michael's does too!  Just check the scrapbooking department!

I really like one of your files, but it's not quiet perfect for my needs.  Will you send it to me in WORD so I can edit it?
Sorry!  I will not send files out in WORD format.  Most of my files are generic enough that they should be easy to adapt to fit different classroom situations.  Please enjoy my files in the PDF format I have posted them in.

Don't you ever update this site anymore?!
Sorry... no.  I have been blogging since 2011 and LOVE it!  I have been introduced to so many new friends and have found blogging to be an instant way to share my teaching in a conversational format, rather than just off a webpage.  I feel like I can interact with my reader friends and blogging is SO much quicker and easier!  I encourage you to visit my blog... I think it's a pretty cool place to be!
Bunting Books and Bainbridge

So, how are you doing your website now?
Now I am creating my site with Microsoft Expressions Web 4- you can download a free trial to see if you like it!  I paid $10 to godaddy.com for my domain name and I pay $5 a month for them to host my site.  They will host your site for free, if you wish, but there will be an ad banner on top of all of your pages. 

Where did you get your great graphics for your site?
They ARE great, aren't they?!  All of the graphics on this site come from Thistle Girl Designs.  You can join her graphics club to get a free set each month and a 10% discount on all purchases!

 What do you do with your "Homework Club" each month?
My "Homework Club" meets at the end of each month to vote on a reward.  It is always something small like eating lunch together in the room, a sticker, piece of candy, or other special treat. 

Do I have to e-mail you for permission to use your files and ideas in my school or classroom?
Please use anything you find on this site in your own classroom or school.  You may NOT, under any circumstances, post any of my files on any file sharing site, any website (including your own classroom website), file storing site, or online forum.  If there is something on this site you believe someone else could benefit from, please direct them to this site.   You may NOT upload my documents to your own site, even if you credit me and link to my site!  Please direct teachers to my site if there is something here you feel may interest them!    Please e-mail me if you have questions about this!

Do you give all of your students a copy of the "Procedure Handbook"?
No.  We have a copy in the classroom to refer to as needed.  Parents wishing to view it can come in to the room or download it from this site!

Why do you choose not to organize your library by level?
I used to organize my library according to AR dot color.  Each basket was assigned a dot color and books of all variety were inside, as long as they were the correct dot color.  The more that I thought about this, the more I realized that I was teaching my students the wrong reason for reading.  I was teaching them that, when we read, the most important thing to consider is whether a book is "our dot color" or not.  After re-organizing my library according to topic, genre, author, etc... my students are able to understand that we choose books based on our interests and our purpose and from there we find books that are a good fit for us.

Where did you get the white baskets you use to organize your classroom library?
I got these baskets at Wal-Mart.  They are Sterlite brand and cost about $2.50 a piece.

Where did you get the plastic folders you use for your HORSE folders?
For the past several years, I have gotten them at Wal-Mart.  However, the price has steadily increased each year!  I found similar folders at Target this year for less than the ones I had been getting at Wal-Mart.  They are much sturdier too!

Didn't you use to have more files on your site for teachers to use?
Yes- you might be looking for a certain file that I used to have on my site.  However, many of my old files have been revised and are now for sale at the Teaching Oasis, along with many new files created by me, Ms. Winston, and Ms. Fiorini too!  Don't worry!  I still add free files to this site too!

I saw the picture of your "free choice minutes" on your Classroom page.  Can you explain how that works?
My students sit in groups.  Each group has one member of the group with a basket stuck to their desk using magnets.  Every Monday, groups begin the week with 5 craft pom-poms (free choice minutes) in their basket.  Groups earn minutes throughout the week for making good choices and also lose them for making poor choices.  At the end of the day on Friday, I write each groups' total minutes on the board and put up on overhead timer so they know when it is their turn to play.  If you are not yet on free choice, you can read, draw, or work by yourself, at your seat, silently.  Kids not on free choice may not "do nothing".  Groups know to watch the timer for their time to play.  The timer beeps when there are two minutes left.  This is the "two minute warning".  It is time to pick up.  All students must be back in their seats, with all things put away, when the timer goes off.

Teachers- hopefully this page has answered some of your questions!  If you would like to contact me through e-mail, please use the icon below to use my personal e-mail instead of using the e-mail listed on this website.  That is my school address and is for my school families! 
Thank you!


Christina Bainbridge 

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