FAQs about Mrs. Bainbridge's Class
Teachers- I have a special FAQ page for you here!
I have a question about...
Helping in class
Central's curriculum
How a 1/2 split will be organized
My child is sick
Can I come visit?
My child's birthday
How to contact you
Making arrangements for my child to go home
The 100 Club

How can I help out in class?
If you would like to assist in our classroom, please let Mrs. Bainbridge know!  We will have opportunities for you to volunteer in the classroom throughout the year.  You can even help out from home!  Visit the "Volunteer" page of our site to learn more.

What curriculum programs does Central use?
Central uses Six Traits for writing.  This is a program that focuses on traits that authors use to develop thoughtful writing pieces.  We use Everyday Mathematics for math and follow MacMillan/McGraw-Hills' "Treasures" reading series.  In our classroom, I individualize reading and writing by spending a lot of time in small groups and individual reading and writing conferences during Daily Five and, new this year, a Writing Workshop.

How will you be adapting your classroom to teach both 1st and 2nd graders?
The great thing about using Daily Five and Writing Workshop is that they allow me to really focus on each student as an individual for their reading and writing instruction.  First graders will be taught math by Miss Hazard during her math block and our science and social studies are so similar that we will be able to learn together much of the time.  We will be one classroom of learners, rather than one classroom with two separate grade levels operating independently of each other.

What do I do when my child is sick?
When your child is sick, you can call the office, call me directly, or send a note after the absence.  Your child will have make-up work to complete upon their arrival back to class.  The work can be sent home with a sibling or neighbor, or you can stop in and pick it up!

If I want to visit the classroom, what should I do?
Please stop in the office to sign in and pick up a visitor pass!

Can I send a treat on my child's birthday?
We will celebrate your child's birthday in class.  I will schedule their snack day as close to their birthday as I can and we'll do summer birthdays in May.  You can send a birthday treat if you wish.  I prefer cupcakes instead of cake as they are easier to serve and eat.  Please send any necessary supplies with your child, as I do not always have extra plates or silverware on hand!

When are you at school so I know when it's best to contact you?
I am typically at school each morning by 7:15am and I leave around 3:45pm.  You can call me before or after school, send a note in your child's HORSE, or send me an e-mail!  You can call me at school using our direct classroom number- 269-283-7107 ext. 310 or using my e-mail-  cbainbrid@wpcschools.org.

 Today my child is going home a way other than their usual way.  What should I do?
Please send a note or call if your child is to go home a way other than their usual way (i.e.. a bus rider getting picked up, or riding a different bus than normal).  This way I can help your child remember what to do.  Also, students riding a bus they do not usually ride will need a bus pass from our office.  They cannot get one without a parent phone call or note! 

Does my child have homework tonight?
We will have nightly homework Monday through Thursday, unless otherwise noted.  Your child will have a math page, speller's choice, and 15-minutes of reading.  Please be sure to have them write down the title of the book they read and please initial their homework sheet.  Nightly reading is so important!  Click here to find out why!

Is the 100 Club required?
No.  The 100 Club is an optional activity for your child to complete on their own time in school or at home.  It is not required- however, each student should have no trouble completing the bronze level as long as they are doing their assigned reading each night!  I am going to encourage each student to be a "gold member" of the club.  To get better at anything we do we have to practice, practice, practice!  This is a greay way for your child to practice their skills as a reader!


Christina Bainbridge 

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